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We understand that agents may have questions about our API or web service.

What is an API or web service?

An API is simply a way to make it easy for web developers to write programs to access our database. Most major search engines (for example Google and Yahoo!) offer APIs.

Learn more about web services.

Why is this good for agents?

An API is a good idea because it allows another channel to get your listings in front of a larger audience.

But then people won't come to my website!

Because we show only summary information about your properties (thumbnail image, brief description, price) potential buyers still come to your website to learn more about the properties. The API, like Nestoria itself, is a tool to get more visitors to your website.

Does it cost money to have my listings included in the Nestoria API?


I'm worried my brand will be misrepresented.

A legitimate concern. This is exactly why our terms of use specify that users of the API are not allowed to alter your listing details or branding.
If you believe someone is misrepresenting your data please let us know. We'll work to solve the problem.

If you have more questions about the Nestoria API please get in touch via our online feedback form.

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