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There are currently several libraries which you can use to access the API. The Perl library is maintained by us; others are made and maintained by volunteers.


Most of the Nestoria website (and the Nestoria API) is written in Perl, so it made sense for us to release the Perl software library first. We use it ourselves for projects.

The easiest way to install the library is via CPAN. The module is called WebService::Nestoria::Search.


We used the PHP library for several projects.

We wrote several examples showing how to:


You can find a Python Nestoria module on PyPi.


We would also love to see a library for Ruby (and indeed any other language). Please get in touch if you have written your own library, and we will gladly list it here.


Every results page on Nestoria also points to RSS output, so all filters and sorting apply as well. We include coordinates for every listing.


You can also access the API via YQL (Yahoo's SQL-like single interface to many datasets). Learn all about YQL over at Yahoo's Developer Network.