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By using the metadata method you can request aggregated information about the current average house prices for an area.

For each area we take all the properties in that area, calculate the geometric mean (a complicated but more accurate average), then remove all properties beyond two median absolute deviations from the geometric mean, and calculate a new geometric mean. We do this to remove any odd outliers that might skew the data.

country example
nestoria.com.au average house price example
nestoria.com.br average house price example
nestoria.de average house price example
nestoria.es average house price example
nestoria.fr average house price example
nestoria.in average house price example
nestoria.it average house price example
nestoria.co.uk average house price example

However please note that we currently only provide the last 12 months of average price data for free via our API. We have older data available for purchase, please get in touch if you might be interested. Pricing depends on your usecase.

The date from which metadata is available for each country are given in the table below.

country start date
nestoria.com.au March, 2010
nestoria.com.br March, 2011
nestoria.de September, 2009
nestoria.es October, 2007
nestoria.fr September, 2010
nestoria.in July, 2011
nestoria.it September, 2008
nestoria.co.uk October, 2007


parameter description
place_name anything you would type into the search box on Nestoria: a place name, post code, tube station, etc.
e.g. "Chelsea" or "SW14"
a bounding box in the format latitude,longitude,latitude2,longitude2
e.g. &south_west=51.684183,-3.431481&north_east=51.85415,-3.077859
centre_point latitude and longitude. A default radius of 2km will be used.
e.g. &centre_point=51.684183,-3.431481
radius latitude, longitude and a radius in either kilometres (km) or miles (mi). Note that the 'km' or 'mi' has to be set. e.g. &centre_point=51.684183,-3.431481,10km
parameter description
encoding 'json' (default) or 'xml'
pretty If set to '1' JSON output will be printed in a more readable format.


The response contains a number of metadata records with names such as:

Each record contains sub-keys describing the property_type (property,house,flat), listing_type (buy,rent) and the number of bedrooms. It also contains a sub-key, 'data', which holds all historic data.


         "metadata_name" : "avg_4bed_property_buy_monthly",
         "listing_type" : "buy",
         "num_beds" : "4",
         "price_type" : "fixed",
         "property_type" : "property",
         "url" : "http://www.nestoria.co.uk/soho/property/buy/bedrooms-4/maxbed-4"
         "currency" : "GBP",
         "data" : {

            "2010_m1" : {
               "avg_price" : "2115444.66",
               "datapoints" : "17",
               "month" : "Jan"
            "2010_m2" : {
               "avg_price" : "2124805.64",
               "datapoints" : "31",
               "month" : "Feb"
            "2010_m3" : {
               "avg_price" : "2331650.08",
               "datapoints" : "50",
               "month" : "Mar"




i.e. the monthly data showed that the average price of buying a four bedroom property (house or flat) in October 2010 was about £299,000 and in March 2010 it was about £233,000.

"2010_m3" stands for March 2010, while "2010_q3" stands for the third quarter of 2010 (July, August and September).