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The request is a HTTP GET call to a URL. The response is a data structure either in JSON (default) or XML. The request is repeated in the response (for debugging).

A request has the format:



You need to send the request to the correct server for the country.

country server
Australia http://api.nestoria.com.au
Brasil http://api.nestoria.com.br
Deutschland http://api.nestoria.de
EspaƱa http://api.nestoria.es
France http://api.nestoria.fr
India http://api.nestoria.in
Italia http://api.nestoria.it
Mexico http://api.nestoria.mx
UK http://api.nestoria.co.uk


method description
echo simply echos back the request. Intended to be used in testing and debugging. See here for an example
keywords returns a list of valid keywords that can be used for querying; see here for more details
metadata search the database for aggregated or 'meta' data based on location; see here for an example which returns average house prices
search_listings search the database for listings based on location and filter the results. See here for full details

JSON callbacks

The callback (function) parameter wraps the JSON output text in parentheses and a function name of your choosing.
Callback function names may only use upper and lowercase alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9), the period (.), the underscore (_), and brackets ([ and ]). Brackets must be URL-encoded.

There is a great discussion of JSON callbacks on the Yahoo! Developer Network. We've intentionally modeled our API to be the same as those cool kids over at Yahoo!. As you can read on their site "Callbacks are particularly useful for use with web service requests in client-side JavaScript..."