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Starting with API version 1.18, we return two fields in the response called application_response_code and application_response_text which provide more information about the status of the request. These are returned for all requests using the search-listings method, and also for any request to the API where an invalid version has been specified. application_response_code is a three-digit number indicating the status, and application_response_text is a human-readable explanation of the current status.

Search-listings method

Request ok:

Codes 100-199 indicate the request was valid, and the location was identified correctly.

100listings returned for one unambiguous location
Location was recognised correctly.
101listings returned for best guess of ambiguous location
The location specified was ambiguous, but we determined that one of the possible locations was more likely than the others. Alternative location names are also returned in this case.
110listings returned, location very large
Location was specified correctly and listings were returned, but it was very large (e.g. if 'London' was specified). It may be useful in this case to specify a smaller location to return fewer listings. Please note it is only possible to retrieve the first 1000 listings from the API (see error 902).
111guid(s) specified
One or more listing GUIDs were specified instead of a location, and the listings corresponding to these GUIDs were returned.

Listings not returned (bad location):

Codes 200-299 indicate the location did not exist or was not specified correctly, but the request was otherwise valid.

200ambiguous location
The location given was ambiguous and we could not determine which possibility to display listings for. The possible location names are returned in this case.
201unknown location
The location given could not be found.
202misspelled location
The specified location is not valid, but has a very similar spelling to one or more locations which are valid. Possible valid locations are returned in the response.
210coordinate error
An error occurred while processing the specified coordinates. Please note requests to the API must be sent to the correct server for the country you want to retrieve listings for (see the page on API methods).

Listings not returned (invalid request):

Codes 900-999 indicate the request was not formed correctly.

900bad request
The request was invalid. When using the search_listings method, every request must specify either the location or listing GUIDs, but not both, otherwise this error will be returned.
901pagination out of range
An invalid value was specified for the 'page' parameter. Allowed values are between 1 and the returned 'total_pages' value for the specific query.
902pagination attempted to specify more than 1000th result
The pagination options were specified in such a way as to display more than the 1000th result. The API is limited to returning more than 1000 listings in one query.

Internal error:

Code 500 indicates an error due to an internal fault.

500internal Nestoria error
An error occurred internally; please contact us with details of any request which caused this to be returned.

All methods

These response codes are returned for all API methods where the version is specified incorrectly in the request.

Invalid version:

910unknown API version
An API version was specified which does not exist.
911unsupported old API version
An API version was specified which is no longer supported.