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So you want to link to Nestoria?

Perhaps you want to send the link for 2 bedroom flats in Camden, to your partner or fellow property-searcher?

You'll be happy to know that we thought about this, and it's nice and easy to do (honestly).

Creating the link

The link for a basic search has 4 main sections:

               1               2        3    4  
1. Nestoria's main address
2. The area (or postcode); spaces are replaced with dash e.g. notting-hill
3. The property type:
flat:search only for flats
house:search only for houses
property:search for both flats and houses
4. Whether you are looking to buy or rent:
buy:search for properties for sale
rent:search for properties to rent

Adding search filters

Sometimes a basic search might not produce a usefully small number of results.

Suppose we then wanted to limit the search so that we found properties with a minimum of 2 bedrooms; we would add the following to the end of the basic search link (without the inverted commas):

5. /bedrooms-2 - This means 'with a minimum of 2 bedrooms'
6. /maxbed-3 - This means 'with a maximum of 3 bedrooms'

We can also limit the search to a price range:

7. /maxprice-400000 - Where 400000 is the maximum price
8. /minprice-300000 - Where 300000 is the minimum price

and there's the ability to filter by number of bathrooms

9. /bathrooms-2 - Where 2 is the minimum number of bathrooms

you can also restrict the results to only listings with (or without) certain keywords

10. /with-garden,balcony - Where garden,balcony is a comma seperated list of valid keywords
11. /without-excouncil - Where excouncil is a comma seperated list of valid keywords

the full list of valid keywords can be found on the Nestoria API page

Putting it all together

So, using the above, a fully defined search might be one that goes to our site (1), searches in fulham (2) for flats (3) to buy (4), which have a minimum of 2 bedrooms (5) and cost less than £400,000 (7)

               1          2       3    4     5           7

Try it out: http://www.nestoria.co.uk/fulham/flat/buy/bedrooms-2/maxprice-400000


Interested in getting housing listings as an RSS feed? No problem, just change the www in the address to rss. So the address above becomes:

If you aren't sure what RSS is, don't worry. Just read our technical FAQ


We offer several Nestoria logos you can add to your site

Other Options

We also offer several more advanced tools for webmasters to integrate listings from Nestoria on their websites.


We appreciate everyone who links to us. We hope these instructions were clear. If not, or for comments generally, please do get in touch with us via our feedback form